...and we will promote your site on the Superfest main Page! If you are a recognized Superformance affiliate, you can right mouse click and download one of the below banner images, paste it on your website's main page and link it to http://www.superformance.org/superfest and if it passes, your website's banner image will be hosted on the Superfest mains page and linked back to your main page! Once you have pasted one of the below banners to your main page and link to the Superfest main page, please email us and we will check it over and make sure it meets all of the requirements.

note: While we limit the banners posted on the Superfest main page only to Superformance dealers and recognized affiliates to prevent the page from being diluted with too many banners, we DO invite and encourage you to use one of the below banners to link to the Superfest main page on your home or club site if you wish!)

1. The shape resembles that of     
     a business card. We can resize
     to match the other banners

2. There are no animated features.

3. The banner is visible at all times

4. Banners should compliment   
     each other, not compete.
     All banner content is subject to
     approval by the Superfest staff

1. You are a Dealer or directly
     affiliated with Superformance

2. Select one of the below
     banners, download it and
     insert it on your home page

3. Link that banner to

4. Send us your banner and we
     will post & link it it on the
     Superfest main page