The place where all things Superformance® comes together as one...

Celebrate Superformance's 20th year anniversary in the Spectacular Colorado Rockies

Blessing of the cars  |  Revving of the engines  |  Parade though city streets  |  Main street evening car show  |  Short and Long cruises scheduled every day  |  Self guided cruises
Organized group led cruises  |  Mountain Top car shows & gatherings  |  Guest speakers and celebrity appearances  |  Shopping tours for the ladies
Tours of landmarks, breweries, mines, etc.  |  4-Wheel drive off-road tours  |  White water rafting  |  Zip Line & Bungie Jumps  |  Parties & gatherings every evening
Banquet party  |  Live Bands & Music  |  Coordinating central meeting locations and convoys en-route to the event  |  Coordinating discounts with major car carrier services
Group reserved hotel arrangements  |  Group designated trailer parking facilities  |  Patrolled parking areas  |  Event photo album accumulated over the week for each participant
Full LIVE telephone technical support to help prepare your Superformance car and/or trailer  |  Roadside assistance contacts along each route
Name tags | Event Credentials | Car window decals  |  Printed color event packets | Cruise maps and detailed routes  |  Daily event schedules

Notable Automotive Masterpieces in Attendance...

Prominent Superformance names in Attendance...

.Superformance 20th Anniversary Cobra
  - the Special Edition just for this event!
Superformance Prototype
  - 1st Grand Sport Corvette made
Superformance Prototype
  - 1st Perana Z-One made
Superformance Coupe
  - Carroll Shelby's personal Car
.Superformance GT40
  - the car driven by Tanner Faust on Top Gear!
Shelby CSX-2051
  - one of the first 50 original 260ci 1962 Cobras
Shelby CSX-2280
  - one of the last unrestored original 289 Cobras

Lance & Deborah Stander
  - Owner Superformance USA, California
Randy & Diane Thomas
  - Superformance Owners Association, Wisconsin
Mike & Pat Stenhouse
  - Second Strike Registry, North Carolina
Todd & Jody Andrews
  - Vice Pres Superformance East, Michigan
Jeff & Randy Lasater
  - Owner Pro-Motosports (Dealer), Denver
Doug Reed & Charlie Ponstein
  - 1st Superformance Dealers in USA, Louisiana
George Anderson
  - Owner Motorsports Park Hastings track, Nebraska


How was the Superformance Superfest event born?:  The Superfest event was born out of the Superformance Owners Association's annual SuperCruz week which consists of two significant segments running hand in hand with each other. First, the Cruise to the destination where everyone converged either at their own pace, or teamed up with others as they traveled along their converging routes. Getting there was truly half the fun. If you had a trailer, you were encouraged to leave it at home this time. We spent a lot of time coordinating the best routes, destinations and scenic stops that any Superformance road warriors would have appreciated. If you ever wanted to drive across country with your Superformance, this was the event to do it! And if you wanted to trailer, those folks also got in on the caravans to the Big 'Fest.

Once arriving at the destination and meeting up with the rest of their comrades, stage two of the fun began with daily cruises taking on the best and most scenic roads in the area. As the name implies, the
SuperFest, lets everyone rack up a few miles in their Superformance just to get to the event, as well as AT the event!  And this historic destination has been meticulously considered for it's location, interests, scenery, recreation and of course, the roads!

What is the Superfest event all about?:  The Superfest is just that... a "Festival of Superformance", or also known as le Festival de` Superformance. This event was meant to be a relaxing week with the golden opportunity to drive and enjoy our cars while sharing those experiences with fellow owners for a few glorious days out of the year. The cruise routes were casual, and sometimes took on unexpected side trips as the groups chose during their journey. It was all about having fun, no matter how that fun was generated, either in your car, or around a cozy roaring evening campfire next to a rushing crystal creek.

When was the event?:  The day before the event on Sunday July 21, 2013 allowed participants to arrive in from their journey, relax and enjoy a welcome reception that Sunday night. The actual days the Superformance SuperFest event began on Monday morning July 22, and ended on Friday night July 26, 2013. Saturday allowed two days to get back home, or, some even stayed a while after the event and took in and enjoyed all the area had to offer at their own pace. While not many took up this opportunity to stay longer, it was a perfect chance for families to extend their vacation to do so,

How many cars and owners are came?:  While the numbers began adding up as time went on, when preparing and setting up this event it was easy to see there could be well over one hundred cars and several hundred owners attending, but just to be safe we were prepared for as many as up to to 200 cars and over 400 owners. While that is a lot of cars, we have contingencies prepared for even more than that if the numbers rose beyond our initial predictions. Regardless of the amount of cars and people, the fun and relaxation remained the same. Awesome on all accounts!

About the Location:  Right smack dab in the middle of the country is the Great America West, and nothing is more splendorous, spectacular and exhilarating than the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Near Denver lays a string of quaint, authentic little historic mountain towns nestled at the base of a mountainside whom we partnered with to host the largest Superformance Event, ever! We had the entire County to ourselves and we set out on cruises each day in all four directions, north, south, east and west to cover about 1/3 of the entire State!

About Driving in:  Many drove their cars and many trailered their cars. During this event more kept their trailers at home and chose to drive instead in favor of enjoying the open road in their Superformance, in which it was made for. Many who never dreamt of driving their cars this far, for the first time did so. There was a complete library for participants consisting of hints and tips for driving, packing and preparing for long distances specifically for their cars, written by owners who have done this before many times. As all the cars left their homes spread across the country and began to converge on the nations arteries of roads, many owners met each other for the first time at their hotels. Then later on down the road even more owners met up on the road as their travel brought them closer and closer to the SuperFest Headquarters in Colorado. The Promised Land of all things Superformance. Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy.

About the Lodging:  Rather than caravanning from hotel to hotel, we based out of a fixed location allowing trailers to be towed in, docked and used as garages while preventing those who drive their cars in, from having to pack up and move every day from hotel to hotel. The convenience and security of knowing you had a home away from home to return to each and every night offered more time to have fun rather than wasted on packing and traveling night to night.

About the Roads and Routes:  The roads we had connected together were nothing short of incredible. The scenery left you speechless and the vistas took your breath away. The 100-250 average miles per day drives left very few words to be spoken, but at the evening's get togethers the chatter being shared from all that was experienced throughout the day filled the crisp night air. Lots of curves deep within dark colorful canyons and high up on top of brilliantly sunny mountain sides were traveled. We drove up into and out on top of the clouds and saw the top of a cloud, looking down from your car. The roads and routes were set up specifically with the individual Superformance cars in mind, as some cars are lower with less ground clearance, and others may have stickier tires which are more sensitive to stones on the pavement. The roads selected for this year's event were voted as being the best of the best by past years SCOF SuperCruz cruise participants. The extremely descriptive event guide and packet covered it all and let participants chose which ones they would like to drive. All the routes used this year were run by all kinds of Superformance cars prior to this event, and pre-run once again this year a week before anyone arrived.

About the
Event Organizer:  One of the distinct advantages this location offers is that our event coordinator had 37+ years of experience driving every back road in the Colorado Rockies since the 1970's to as recent as last year when pre-running the event. By having held over 500 events prior to this, with the specific intimate knowledge of the Rockies and having tires on the ground year around in this area, everything was very well covered. In addition to our assistants who live in this area, the week prior to the actual event we had a seasoned team coming out to pre-run all the roads in both directions to note the road conditions, repairs or detours that would finally decide the route itinerary before anyone even arrived for the event. We planned and adjusted routes right up to the last minute, so the participants did not have to. For this reason our routes were not listed in detail in advance and were printed only the night before each day's tour. While everyone knows you can not avoid every unforeseen inconvenience in such a wild western wilderness, we were able to get you closer to that than anyone else ever could!

Why was this for
Superformance Brand cars only?:  This was the Ultimate Celebration of all things Superformance! We were commemorating Superformance's 20th anniversary as well as SCOF's 13th anniversary and the 10th SuperCruz event milestone. The enjoyment of the owners of the Superformance brand was the ultimate quest. Superformance owners share much with each other, from how they came about purchasing their car, to where they bought it, and their journey with their cars since. This was an event of a Lifetime for Superformance owners, everywhere.

What was a
day in the Superfest like?:  Early risers got up early for a dawn breaking breakfast while those who like to sleep in grabbed a donut or bagel later when the sun was in full view. A short drive to the huge gathering grounds had lanes set up according to their departure times and different driving styles for those who like lots of curves, or lots of canyons, or like to stop for all the scenic spots, or for those who just want to put on a bunch of miles with few stops. You could select any of those as well as if you liked a long day trip, or a short trip and early return for an open afternoon. After everyone had returned from their trips, anyone who may have had problems on the road were retrieved either by dispatched mechanical assistance, or by trailered return. Once back at headquarters, a designated dinner and casual car show took place on the main streets of different towns each evening. Later on hotel parking lot parties lit up the night skies and cars were cruising back and forth to each as the stars cloaked the ceiling in the sky overhead. While some turned in early, others brought in the new day at midnight.

Like no other event before this, there was something for everyone! And anyone could choose their own particular preference, however at the same time feel as if it were one huge event enjoyed and shared together! and, it was.