The Superformance Cobra Owners Forum©, the Superformance Car Owners Fraternity© and Superformance Owners Association International© was born on September 1st, 2000. SCOF was the very first, the number one and the only official Owners Association and owners resource for Superformance cars and is recognized by Superformance International, Superformance USA and the factory, Hi-Tech automotive

This organization was conceived to bring increased communication and interaction to Superformance Owners from around the globe and offer an on-line haven for owners of the Superformance Brand cars to celebrate it's presence among other fellow owners.

The history of the SCOF meaning has evolved along with the growing evolution of the Superformance brand. The term "
Forum" in the SCOF acronym for Superformance Cobra Owners Forum refers to the cohesive "Fraternity" of fellow Superformance Owners rather than any specific communication media such as a bulletin board or email system. While the word "Cobra"  is also depicted into the original phrase back when Superformance only produced Cobras, that too can also mean "Car" as in Superformance Car Owners Fraternity©. However you say it, it means enthusiastic owners sharing a common brand to enhance their ownership experience like none other.

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The primary tool of this group is the on-line and instant access fellow Superformance owners have with hundreds of other owners, using the Superformance Owners Forum
Mail List. With this access, hints, tips, suggestions, tricks and questions are all here for the asking.

The most significant feature are all of the numerous Member Tools offered from parts lists, to inspection lists to history charts and of course the incredible amassed amount of mechanical data in the Technical Library

Some of the many benefits and features SCOF offers range from unparalleled and immediate live tech support and a full library of detailed upgrade and maintenance procedures and diagrams. While the MkIII is the most produced Superformance of all, the other Superformance models are growing in support as well and we try to update each with member input as frequent as possible. SCOF also hosts numerous events in ever changing locations across the United States and around the world each year for members to enjoy with or without their cars.

In addition to all that SCOF also provides several private, dedicated discussion forums and bulletin boards for owner interaction and communication to keep everyone completely informed about the latest news, information and happenings as soon as they occur.
SCOF truly is your one and only official one stop owners resource!

While we work closely with the factory and dealers, this site is privately operated for the sole purpose of providing this benefit to Superformance Owners everywhere! 

July 1, 2010 SCOF elevated the valuable services it was able to offer to it's members up to the next level of owners support and professionalism. By taking it from an informal volunteer based effort up to a professional fee based association, numerous improvements could be afforded and significant new benefits and features were able to be added for it's members. As a result the Superformance Owners Association International (SCOF) remains the number one Superformance owners resource in the world as well as a notable source of information and intelligence benefiting the dealer, Superformance USA and the manufacturer, Hi-Tech in South Africa. As a result of the support from it's loyal member base and additional contributions and donations, SCOF is the premier owner information, support and entertainment place for Superformance Owners, world wide.

October 7, 2014 SCOF was appointed by Superformance CEO, Lance Stander, as the exclusive and only Official Superformance Technical Support Advisor Group to owners world wide, and to implement the vast SCOF technical resources for the purpose of supporting and assisting owners of the Superformance Brand cars.