Owner: Nadine Geary
Occupation: Nurse
Location: Somerset, UK
Vehicle_Model: Dodge Viper FI
Year_Vehicle_Built: 1997
Odometer_Miles: 80,000+
Truck_Purpose: : motorsport
Color: Blue / white stripes red / black
Engine_Size: 488 -Gasoline
Induction: Supercharged

HP_and_Torq: 700 / 700 (est)
Transmission: T56
Rear_End_Ratio: 3.07
Fuel_Capacity: 22gal
Towing_Fuel_Mileage: 8mpg
Avg_Towing_Speed: 70 (speedo)
Trailer_Model: UK, open flat bed
Year_Trailer_Built: 2002
Estimated_Miles: 1,000
Trailer_Purpose: Racing

Overall_Length_Width: 19'x 7'
Rated_Weight_Capacity: 2 ton
Brakes: 2 Braking wheels
Axle_Count: (2) Double axle
Lugnut_Pattern: 4 lugs
Rim_Diameter: 13"
Tire_Size: endurance
Estimated_Trailer_Value: $4k
Date_Submitted: 16/01/10

CONSTRUCTION: Wood floor, EQUIPMENT: Winch, Tool box, TOOLS: Torch, TRAILER_DETAILS: Made a tow hitch for the Dodge Viper, its the only way I can take both cars out together at the same time to motorsports!