Caveman: Joe Huff
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer  (r)
Location: Sedona, AZ
Garage_Type: Multi-use garage
Placement: Attached to house
Garage_Age: 2010
Car_Capacity: 3
Square_Footage: 965'
Depth_Width_Height: 22'x 46'x 10'

Door__WxH: 9'-0"x 8'-0"
Door2_WxH: 9'-0"x 8'-0"
Door3_WxH: 9'-0"x 8'-0"
Floor: Epoxy coated concrete
Floor_Color: Gray/Black
Walls: Drywall
Wall_Color: Gray
Ceiling: Drywall
Ceiling_Color: Gray

Heating: Portable Electric
Electrical: 110 volt
Ceiling_Lighting: Fluorescent Tube Halogen Bulb
Features: Stereo sound system,
Car_Lift: 4 post . . Direct Lift ProPark 9 Plus
Date_Submitted: 08/22/11

We built our home three years ago and decided to make plenty of room in the garage.  When it was time to bring our Superformance home, I planned a nice corner for our new toy.  My wife asked me to make the garage more of a showroom with the car as the centerpiece.  She knew people would go there to see our car, and she wanted it to look very professional.  There is plenty of room to work on the car and still store all the tools and trinkets out of sight.  We added the lift for routine service work a few months ago.  I came across a new type of door opener, and changed out the unit we had installed originally.  It added a couple of feet of clearance and allows me to utilize the ten-foot ceiling height.  Our climate is moderate here in Sedona, and I drive the car year round.  I get to spend plenty of time in the garage.