Caveman: Gary Osborne
Occupation: Undertaker
Location: Spring, TX, USA
Garage_Type: Dedicated garage
Placement: Detached from house
Garage_Age: 2004
Car_Capacity: 6
Square_Footage: 1,800
Depth_Width_Height: 50'x 36'x 14'

Floor: Concrete
Floor_Color: Gray
Walls: Drywall
Wall_Color: White
Ceiling: Drywall
Ceiling_Color: White
Heating: Portable Propane
Electrical: 110 & 220 volt
Ceiling_Lighting: Fluorescent Tube &

Incandescent Bulb
Lighting_BulbsxWattage: 40 = ??w
Features: Stereo sound system, T.V., Fridge, Lots of Cabinets, full floored attic with staircase, separate storage room
Car_Lift: 4 post - Superior
Date_Submitted: 01/07/10

I had a four car garage in Indiana. When I moved to Texas, I decided I did not want to scramble for room in the garage anymore. So, I decided to build an 8 car detached garage (4 bays wide and two deep)complete with all the comforts of home (Fridge, bar, lounging area, etc.) in addition to the oversized two car attached garage that was part of the new home. Once there, I found that the neighborhoods construction requirements were very strict and the structure had to be the same type of construction as the home itself. In my case that meant brick in front and side (visible from street) and hardy plank elsewhere. To make a long story short, I started to run low on money with the addition of pool area, landscaping etc and so I decided to cut down the garage to 6 cars (3 wide and two deep). While it is sufficient to house my hobby cars (Lincoln, Jag, Cobra and Superduty tow vehicle) as well as my trailer with room left over, it is too small. If you are thinking of building a new mancave just remember that anything is better than nothing but nothing you build will be big enough within 6 months of completion. The other thing is you cannot have too much light. I originally had what I perceived to be a lot of florescent lights and I suppose they were OK for the most part, but I later added more spot lights over the lift for extra under the hood lighting and more importantly, adequate lighting for polishing and waxing. If you want to see subtle things, you need a lot of light to see them. A lift is a must even if you are not much of a mechanic (which I am not a mechanic at all). Some people hold off on lifts due to restricted ceiling height. I had an 8 1/2 foot ceiling in Indiana and my lift worked out just fine for me with the Cobra on it. I used a bar stool to sit on when working underneath. I could walk around with a slight bend of the knees but sitting was more comfortable for longer periods. Now, I could put anything on my lift and never even come close to the ceiling. So higher is far better if you have the ability to raise the roof. Due to the space reduction when building, I had to give up the play / lounge area or the trailer parking. I decided to keep the trailer in the garage. If I had the extra land, I would have left the trailer outside and squeezed the lounge in.... and still may find another parking solution for the trailer one day. All I know is that I spend more time in my garage than any other place at my home. It is my favorite space even if I am doing nothing but sitting, looking at my pride and joy Superformance and sipping a beer.