Caveman: Eddy Kannapel
Occupation: Reliability Tech
Location: Hardinsburg, Ky
Garage_Type: Multi-use garage
Placement: Detached from house
Garage_Age: 2010
Car_Capacity: 5
Square_Footage: 1,620
Door__WxH: 10'x 8'
Door2_WxH: 10'x 8'

Door3_WxH: 9'x 8'
Door4_WxH: 8'x 8'
Door5_WxH: 8'x 8'
Floor: Concrete
Floor_Color: Tile Red
Walls: Wood
Wall_Color: natural
Ceiling: Wood
Ceiling_Color: natural
Heating: Ventless Propane

BTUs: 70,000
Air_Conditioning: Window
Electrical: 110 & 220 volt
Ceiling_Lighting: Fluorescent Tube .
Lighting_BulbsxWattage: 32
Features: Stereo sound system, T.V., Fridge, Loft, Bar, Hi-Def TV/Surround Sound/Small Bar/Wine Rack
Car_Lift: 2 post  Rotary

The original part of my garage was built in 1981. It started out as a 24' x 30' and the Garage/Mancave 30' x 30' addition was started in the fall of 2009 and completed in the summer of 2010. The frame up and outside work was done by a contractor and the inside was completed by myself with a little help from friends and family. One humorous side note. When I installed the lift, I realized the I could not raise my car up without hitting the garage door opener. Since the openers were installed by a contractor I had not thought about that issue at all. I called Raynor Door, who installed the openers, after initially laughing at my situation, they told me to just move the opener to the side and it would work fine. I did and it does so all is well.