Caveman: Bob Potter
Occupation: Structural Engineer (r)
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Garage_Type: Dedicated garage
Placement: Attached to house
Garage_Age: 2005
Car_Capacity: 2
Square_Footage: 400
Depth_Width_Height: 28' x 14' x 14'

Door__WxH: 9'-6" x 9'-0"
Floor_Color: Lt Blue/White
Walls: Drywall
Wall_Color: Lt Grey
Ceiling: Drywall
Ceiling_Color: Lt Grey
Heating: Central
BTUs: 48000
Air_Conditioning: Central

Electrical: 110, 220 & 440 volt
Ceiling_Lighting: Fluorescent Tube Incandescent Bulb
Lighting_BulbsxWattage: 20 = 800
Features: Stereo sound system, T.V., Sink, Fridge, Office,
Car_Lift: 4 post - American Custom Lifts /  Model ACP-7
Date_Submitted: 07/29/10

When my wife and I decided to build our retirement home in 2005, she got the long dreamed of gym and I, my very own dedicated garage. The site on the mesa was adequate but not abundant. I chose an attached configuration five feet below the main three car garage. This required drains at the exterior large door for the rare, but heavy, rainfalls. The ceiling height was specified at fourteen feet clear to allow tall vehicles to be serviced on the lift. Because of the weight of the cedar & aluminum door, a commercial wall mounted opener was used which did not hinder vertical clearance. One wall is all sliding door shelved storage below high storage for less frequently used items which can be conveniently (sort of) accessed by use of the four post lift. The installed two tube four foot fluorescent fixtures are adequate but not great at the fourteen foot height. Four tube fixtures are on the horizon. Under car lighting is best left to portable devices in my opinion. Common vinyl tiles are used on the floor. They work extremely well. I have spilled or dripped almost every known solvent and fluids on them and as long as it is attended to reasonably soon, there is not a problem. Brake fluid and brake cleaner tend to lighting the pattern negligibly. If necessary, individual tiles can be replaced easily. I think it is a good low cost solution. Of course I wish I had made it larger but it serves me well.