Caveman: Brad Kaemerrer
Occupation:  Sportsgoods Mfg- President
Location: Wheaton, IL USA
Garage_Type: Multi-use garage
Placement: Attached to house
Garage_Age: 2011
Car_Capacity: 2

Square_Footage: 462'
Depth_Width_Height: 21'x 22'x 8'
Door__WxH: 16'x 7'
Floor: Concrete
Walls: Drywall
Ceiling: Drywall
Heating: Portable Electric

Air_Conditioning: .
Electrical: 110 volt
Ceiling_Lighting: Fluorescent Tube Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Lighting_BulbsxWattage: 6 x 400
Features: Stereo sound system, Fridge,
Date_Submitted: 6-6-11

I am in the process of adding more racing items, like the #48 Jimmy Johnson 2011 Talladega winning tire, #6 David Ragan TV panel. I do spend some time in the garage, but I am more into driving the serpent than working on it! New cabinets are in the works!