When Hubert and Christine Mueller came to the states to buy the ultimate sports car, they were looking for the best there was. The Mueller's were searching for the perfection of the fit and finish of a hand built work of art but at the same time with the advanced engineering, latest technology, reliability and durability of a factory built and time proven design.

The Mueller's were also looking for a world wide dealer and parts support network to stand behind their purchase years after delivery and thousands of miles of use later. And of course, above all that, they were looking for a vintage appearing car with all the correct visuals to stimulate the senses of any car show spectator, as well as the power, performance and handling that would stimulate their own senses whenever driving their pride and joy. What Hubert and Christine were looking for was far above and beyond what most sports cars and their makers could ever provide. The Mueller's looked high and low while investigating many versions of this vintage roadster all across the globe. What Hubert and Christine wanted and needed… was
a Superformance.

Hubert ordered his new Superformance and flew over from Malaysia to start his life long dream of owning one of these incredible cars and touring the twisty-turny back roads of America. Immediately upon his arrival, he set off on a journey like no other. As a former 747-400 trans-pacific airline pilot and instructor, Hubert is no stranger to "shake down cruises" to feel this car out, and see what potential situations he can push to the surface, if they exist at all. Hubert and his wife Christine set out to take his new Superformance Mk-III with a trunk-full of luggage on an all out, crisscross country tour of the United States as well as portions of Canada. The Mueller's proved in a very short time just how well built, well handling, comfortable and reliable the Superformance Mk-III really is. Even after nearly
15,000 miles of day in and day out travel, Hubert commented, "...I love this car! I am not tired of riding in it one bit. I can't wait to get back on the road again. After all this time, the car has been wonderful with no problems with the Superformance at all..."  That pretty much says it all.

While the Mueller's consider the Superformance Mk-III as the ultimate sports car, it's also respected as a very formidable and reliable long distance traveler and even an excellent daily driver if it is chosen to be put into that form of service. Hubert and Christine have proven the Superformance Mk-III really can "do it all"… and do it WELL!

Below is a chronology of their travels across the country. Thank you Hubert and Christine for taking us along and keeping us informed by tracking your travels here for everyone's enjoyment...

DAY-01   Cincinnati, OH to Akron, OH
DAY-02   Akron, OH to Cincinnati, OH   
DAY-03   Stay in Cincinnati, OH   
DAY-04   Stay in Cincinnati, OH   
DAY-05   Stay in Cincinnati, OH   
DAY-06   Cincinnati, OH to Pittsburgh, PA
DAY-07   Cincinnati, OH to Blueridge Mtns,VA 
DAY-08   Myrtle Beach, VA to South Carolina
DAY-09   South Carolina to Jacksonville, FL
DAY-10   Jacksonville, FL to Tampa, FL
DAY-11   Tampa, FL to Chattanooga, AL
DAY-12   Chattanooga, AL to Knoxville, TN
DAY-13   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-14   Participate in rally event in Ross, OH
DAY-15   Participate in rally event in Ross, OH
DAY-16   Participate in rally event in Ross, OH
DAY-17   Cruise back roads of Indiana & Ohio
DAY-18   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-19   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-20   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-21   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-22   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-23   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-24   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-25   Stay in Cincinnati, OH
DAY-26   Cincinnati, OH to Granada, MS
DAY-27   Granada MS to New Orleans, LA
DAY-28    New Orleans, LA to Thayer, AR
DAY-29   Thayer, AR to Davenport, IA
DAY-30   Davenport, IA to Rochester, MN
DAY-31   Stay in Rochester, MN
DAY-32   Stay in Rochester, MN
DAY-33   Stay in Rochester, MN
DAY-34   Stay in Rochester, MN
DAY-35   Stay in Rochester, MN
DAY-36   Rochester, MN to Hartford, WI
DAY-37   Hartford, WI to Cincinnati, OH

DAY-38   Stay in Cincinnati, OH   
DAY-39   Stay in Cincinnati, OH   
DAY-40   Stay in Cincinnati, OH   
DAY-41   Cincinnati, OH to Richmond, IN
DAY-42   Richmond, IN to Cuba, MO
DAY-43   Cuba, MO to Clinton, OK   
DAY-44   Clinton, OK to Gallop, NM
DAY-45   Gallop, NM to Phoenix, AZ
DAY-46   Phoenix, AZ to Tucson, AZ
DAY-47   Tucson, AZ to Yuma, AZ
DAY-48   Yuma, AZ to Diego, CA
DAY-49   San Diego, CA to Los Angeles
DAY-50   Stay in Los Angeles, CA
DAY-51   Stay in Los Angeles, CA
DAY-52   Stay in Los Angeles, CA
DAY-53   Los Angeles, CA to Big Sur, CA
DAY-54   Big Sur, CA to Albion, CA
DAY-55   Albion, CA to Florence, OR
DAY-56   Florence, OR to South Bend, WA
DAY-57   South Bend, WA to Vancouver, Canada
DAY-58   Vancouver, Canada to Victoria, Canada
DAY-59   Stay in Victoria, Canada
DAY-60   Stay in Victoria, Canada
DAY-61   Stay in Victoria, Canada
DAY-62   Stay in Victoria, Canada
DAY-63   Stay in Victoria, Canada
DAY-64   Stay in Victoria, Canada
DAY-65   Victoria, Canada to Salem, OR
DAY-66   Salem, OR to Reno, NV
DAY-67   Stay in Reno, NV
DAY-68   Stay in Reno, NV
DAY-69   Stay in Reno, NV
DAY-70   Reno, NV to Las Vegas, NV
DAY-71   Stay in Las Vegas, NV
DAY-72   Stay in Las Vegas, NV
       ( Took the Mark-III out on the Race Track! )
DAY-73   Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA

This is a letter sent in accounting for a historic 15,000 mile trip in just two months straight.
by Hubert & Christine Mueller-

Hi everyone from Malaysia!  I have just completed the first stage of my trip of a lifetime...

Having retired last September, I went to the USA in search of my dream car. Having searched the world for the best car for my needs (spirited cruising) there is no doubt that (the Superformance) is the car for me... There she was, all shiny and new- titanium/black strip 418 stroker- with 100 miles on her! What a great day it was!!! ...After a break-in cruise to visit a friend in Akron, Ohio and... off to Altoona, Penn to get Branda ...emblems. Arrived 4:30pm in light drizzle (she's not babied) to the total astonishment of the guys there. I thought that they would have seen lots of cars like these but they told me it's all mail order (seems no one likes to drive their cars!!) They loved the car and were impressed with the quality and finish! Thought I was nuts for driving it in the rain!!

...(I) bought "Most Scenic Drives in America", then off to the Appalachian Mnts. Foggy & Raining!! ...picked up my wife at the airport (arriving from Malaysia) and attended the (SSR-2 event in Ross, Ohio)!! Met so many nice people!! Had a great time and are planning to come again next year!!! ...off to New Orleans via Nashville and Memphis. Then Shreveport, through Arkansas and the Ozark Mnts (scenic drive) to St.Louis. Tornado's were pretty bad in Missouri and at one gas stop a guy tried to talk me into putting my car into his garage until the next day because of the weather. He had a mint 1968 Firebird in his garage and was willing to put it out in the rain for me. Now that's what I call hospitality!! That evening we did run into some heavy rain (understatement-the MarkIII does float!!!)

Up the Mississippi to Rochester, Minn and the Mayo clinic where... (my Superformance) was the star there too as it was parked right outside the hotel main entrance for 4 days and became quite the conversation piece on the shuttle bus back & forth to the clinic. Met some nice people there too! Took 85 year old Frank from Chicago for a ride! He was there for a heart attack (before the ride!) He loved it!! Hope for us all!!! ...7000 miles on speedo!

From Indiana to St.Louis, then followed Route 66 to Flagstaff, Arizona, then Phoenix, Tuscon, San Diego, LA, up the west coast to Vancouver and Victoria,Canada (where I grew up) and a week of relaxation!! ...Then off to LasVegas to lose some money and HIT THE RACE TRACK!!!(3 hours all by myself with instructor in my car!) ...Then to LA and into the container, strapped her down, sealed the container and an airplane home. Now waiting again - (patiently for the 6 week journey across the Ocean)!!

All in all - 14988 miles on the speedometer of (my Superformance)!! in TWO and a bit months!! And I'm Still Married!! WHAT A GREAT CAR !!!!!!!

To sum it up, Superformance really make a great car!! Craftsmanship, reliability, handling, performance, great looks - we have it all!! Plus, you meet so many people and it is truly cross-generational. Everyone from little kids to little old ladies came over with a big smile every time we stopped. We had people video-taping us (the car) on the highway, waiting 1/2 hour for me to "start her up"!, even the police were very friendly and would pull up, take a look and wave!!

Moral of the story - DRIVE YOUR (SUPERFORMANCE'S)!! They're built for it! (mine) has a few paint chips here and there and proud of it. She is very reliable, fun to drive and very comfortable for longer cruises. Packs a lot of luggage too!

Future plans include touring Asia (home), Europe, Australia and maybe, one day, even back to where she grew up in South Africa!! No rush though. We have lots of time and all three of us need a rest at home.

Hubert Mueller's amazing Silver/Black Superformance Mk-III on the left...