If you are currently a registered SCOF member, you will be able to access the private SCOF Bulletin Board discussion area as well as the traditional E-mail distribution list.

The Bulletin board format is offered to you as an alternative place to discuss all things Superformance with the comfortable privacy within SCOF. However keep in mind this venue has never been very popular especially is seeking immediate assistance and technical advise, therefore we suggest using the main email list for most of your communication purposes.


When you click on the link above it will ask for your username and password. This is the username and password that you use for everywhere else on SCOF. Once you enter you are now you are able to read and browse and look anywhere you want on the BB.

HOWEVER... if you want to POST on the board, after you enter through the above portal, you will need to...

1. LOGIN with your username and password YOU selected if you registered on the BB. If you have not previously registered on this bulletin board, skip to step 4...

The bulletin board software that REQUIRES this for it to work properly hidden behind the SCOF firewall)

     2. If you registered before and need to retrieve your user data, select the link under the password box...

     "I forgot my password (
may be separate from your normal SCOF username and password)"

3. If you are not sure if you have already registered or not, click on the button below that says "SEE IF YOU ALREADY REGISTERED" first and look for your name. PLEASE do not create multiple accounts or they will be deleted.

Then enter your username and email address. It PAYS to write this stuff down. This is all typical of ANY bulletin board.

4. IF YOUDID NOT previously register on the bulletin board, you MUST first REGISTER your new account on the bulletin board.

5. When registering and selecting your username, it is suggested you use your SAME EXACT username you already use with your SCOF access password account. Or, you can use your FULL name (ie: JohnDoe)

6. You can use your normal password to if you like. But this is something YOU set up and is completely YOUR responsibly.

7. If there are any non-conforming usernames attempted to be used, like "Joe221" they will be deleted. This forum has NO ANONYMITY so full names are only accepted. Nick names are not accepted.