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Here is something you don't see everyday, in fact never up until now! SCOF members Patti and Tom Kindred Trekked up 8,217 feet in elevation over 38 miles of steep rocky terrain taking 9 days to reach the legendary Mount Everest in the Himalayan mountains. There the SCOF duo carved out this commemorative rock with the word "SCOF" on it at the 17,598' Base Camp at the foot of Sagarmatha, also known as Mount Everest... the worlds highest mountain. SCOF lives forever at the Top of the World! 
October 14, 2016 - photo by: Tom & Patti Kindred

Read the story about how the original Double venom Spring Fling was created, which eventually was renamed and came to be the London Cobra Show!  < Click on the picture below to read all about it >

Two of the four originators of this event seen here together on 7/29/2016
          Ed "Double Venom" Combs - and - Gary "UFO" Osborne

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by Mike Stenhouse -Second Strike

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