Owner: Randall & Diane Thomas
Occupation: Race fabrication shop owner
Location: West Bend, WI USA
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 729
Odometer_Miles: 4,500
Year_Car_Built: 2000
Car_Receive_Date: May 2000
Purch_From: Dynamic Motorsport (new)
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising
Color: Royal Blue / White

Engine: 429/460 style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 527
HP_and_Torq: 757 HP (dyno)
Cyl_Block: Factory Iron 1970
Cyl_Heads: Alum Cobra Jet
Induction: Barry Grant 1300 Dominator
Compression_Ratio: 11:1
Best_Fuel_Mileage: 17
Top_Speed_Seen: 179 (radar)
Longest_Trip_Driven: 300 miles
Transmission: Tremec TKO

Rear_End_Ratio: Ford 8.8" 3.73:1
Rims: Trigo 15x7 & 15x9
Tires: Goodrich 255/60-15 & 305/50-15
Suspension: AVO adjustable 550 lbs
Sway_Bars: 20mm (f) -18mm (r)
Date_Submitted: 10/23/09
Current_SPFs_Owned: Mk-III #455   
Current_SPFs_Owned: Mk-III #1002
SPF_Owner_Since: May 2000

I've always admired the Cobra shape and aura that surrounded it since I was a young lad with nothing more than a  bottle of glue and a plastic model. I remember guys with the big, powerful Hemi Cudas and Mach-I's ruling the streets, but just the mention of a "Ford Cobra" sent them quaking in their boots with both fear, and respect. When it came to all out brutal raw power, the word "Cobra" was synonymous with that. While I knew I could never afford a real one, I also knew I'd never have the time to build a kit. And like most, I did my research over months which turned into years. When I finally was able to afford my dream, I sat in other brands of kit cars and while they had an awesome customary blue/white paint job, the interior and attention to detail just screamed "cheap" and "fake". I eventually discovered that Superformance had by far the most impressive offering while being both authentically accurate where it needed to be, and technologically modern underneath where it really counted. As luck would have it, soon after a friend offered me the chance to buy an original 289 Shelby for an incredibly cheap price, but after a close comparison the seller says to me, "you'd be much better off buying a Superformance... that's what I plan to buy after selling this original one". That was it. I bought my first Superformance. Being a professional race car and off road race truck designer and builder, I came to the conclusion there is no way that even I could come close to paralleling the design and perfection and componentry for even twice the price that Superformance already did for me. While I saw only one Superformance from afar prior to this, I bought and ordered mine sight unseen, and a few months later when finally meeting my purchase, my expectations were exceeded far beyond my imaginations. While I would not yet know it, I would be one of the first to put the Superformance to the ultimate test. At Road America, to avoid hitting another slower car pulling in front of me, the back end came loose and my car hit three concrete walls at well over 1xx mph before sliding hundreds of feet to a stop with a destroyed the car... but not so much that it still couldn't be rolled onto the trailer, and the doors (which were the only undamaged sections) still opened freely. I or my co-pilot were not injured and upon later inspection, the car held up wonderfully and clearly it's robust construction saved mine and my passenger's life. Another Cobra brand owner came up to me and said, "you're lucky you were in a Superformance, that's why you are still alive, because if you would have been in that other Cobra kit car sitting over there, you'd be dead. I know, because that one's mine." The car held up so well, it was later sold and the new owner repaired it himself and it's back on the road again. Within hours word got back to Dean Rosen at Dynamic Motorsports and he called to make sure I was alright, and Ronnie Kruger, Superformance CEO in South Africa contacted me to let me know if there was anything I needed, he and the owner of Superformance (Hi-Tech), Jimmy Price, were eager to help out in anyway they could. Superformance is more than a car, it's an entire extended family across the world. When it came time to buy another car, my choice of another Superformance, took no hesitation. None, at all. A few months later I had my new Superformance in my hands, ready to continue the fun. Thanks to Superformance, what could have been tragic turned out to be terrific.