Owner: Hanspter Kreuchi
Occupation: Chevy/Opel dealrshp- owner
Location: Switzerland
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 665
Odometer_Miles: 9,845

Year_Car_Built: 2000
Car_Receive_Date: Sept 5, 2002
Purch_From: Dynamic Motorsports used)
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising
Color: Royal Blue / White
Engine_Builder: Snakebite Performance

Engine: 351 windsor style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 396
Date_Submitted: 01/08/11
SPF_Owner_Since: Sept 5, 2002

After a test drive with a SPF on my vacation in Florida (a very gentle owner that I contacted before the trip invited me to visit him) I knew that this is really the car I was looking for. Back home I searched on the internet for dealers and found a used car at Dynamic Motorsports in Ohio. After several emails and phone calls I ordered the car. All I had were a few photos and the promise from Dean Rosen that the car is in great condition. Quite nervous I was waiting the container will arrive Switzerland. On September 5 in 2002 I opened the container at the harbour in Basel and was so proud to drive home may own Cobra. Since then I am still happy with car and drive it rarely on warm summer days. Greetings to all from Switzerland.