Owner: Lance Stander
Occupation: CEO Superformance
Location: Irvine, CA, USA
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 042
Odometer_Miles: 3,500
Year_Car_Built: 1995

Car_Receive_Date: 1997
Purch_From: Stuart Bromfield
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising
Color: Dark Blue / white stripe.
Engine_Builder: Ford
Engine: 351 windsor style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 351

HP_and_Torq: 345 / 350
Cyl_Block: Windsor
Transmission: 5 speed
Rims: 15inch
Date_Submitted: 12/16/09
SPF_Owner_Since: January 1, 1997

I had some spare time this morning and read through the Owners letters that have been posted. It was a very enjoyable and moving experience. Words can't explain how good I felt when I read what some of the owners have written,. They truly are a great bunch of Guys and Gals. The one common denominator is SCOF. Thank you Diane and Randall Thomas for all you have done for Superformance and the Owners. Thanks also to all the Customers that have become Owners and members of the Superformance Family.

Believe it or not, many years ago I was one of these new SPF buyers too. It was about 15 years ago when I had my first experience with Superformance, Jimmy Price and Hi-Tech in South Africa. I was still living in SA, and at the time,  Ron Rosen and my Dad, Stan Stander, and I were buying American muscle cars and other automobiles from the States. Ron would disassemble them in the USA and ship them to Hi-Tech, where they were reassembled and sold by Hillbank SA. I will admit that at the time I had no respect for the Cobra kit cars that I had seen driving around and in various stages of build in people's garages in South Africa. I was even more upset when one of my customers that had ordered a brand new Dodge Viper, cancelled his order. How come? Well, after he had ordered the Viper and paid the 50% deposit, he wanted to see the Hi-Tech factory that was going to assemble his Viper when it arrived from the USA. So we flew from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth in his private plane. After a very enjoyable factory tour with Jimmy Price, my customer (his name is Stuart) fell in love with the SPF Cobra - his lifelong dream car - and he admitted that he had only ordered the Viper as a substitute for the Cobra that he had always longed for. He too had always been less than impressed with the kit Cobras that had been available. He cancelled his order for the Viper and ordered a Superformance Cobra. I was very disappointed that he had changed his mind and could not understand how one could prefer a kit Cobra to a Viper. What shocked me even more was the fact that at the time Stuart owned a very large BMW Dealership and was used to high end expensive cars. I had ordered two Vipers at that time - one was for Stuart and the other for myself. The Vipers arrived, I kept one for myself and sold the other one.

A few years later Stuart contacted me and said he would like to sell the Cobra and would I sell it for him from one of my showrooms. I agreed and he had his driver drop it off. It stood with us for about 4 months without me even giving it a second look. One day he called me and said: "Lance I need to move the Cobra now. Make me an offer and you can have it. Well,  I still did not like Cobras, so I wasn't really  interested in buying one..  He kept calling, encouraging me to just drive it.  So eventually curiosity got the better of me, and I went for a drive in this "prehistoric" car. I drove it down the street and straight home, wrote Stuart a check and became the proud owner of the Cobra. I had about 12 cars and motorcycles at the time. I had been truly bitten by the Snake and all I wanted to drive was the Cobra. Unfortunately I only owned it for about a year before we emigrated to the USA.   The USA part of the story and how I got involved with  Superformance is for another day.     
This was my Superformance Cobra in South Africa in 1997...

Below Coupe number 8. It started of life Royal blue and white, I had an accident with it and then painted it Dark metallic silver, later I added light silver stripes. I can't remember exactly but I did over 11000 miles in this Coupe. I sold it to a Guy in New York, who sold it to a Guy in Dubai or Saudi Arabia, not sure, it then came back and I think it is in Texas.

I keep finding cars that I forgot I owned. This one below was taken back from a customer because he complained. I built him a new one that he loved and owned for many years. I kept this car for about 2 years, the new owner has removed all the decals and still has it. I see him occasionally at car shows, it still looks great. I had a great time with it on the race track at Willow Spring at least once a month. In the early years of Hillbank I had a lot of free time and could not get enough of the Cobra's on the track. This Car was affectionately known as 'Cheese wiz' number 5, because of the color of the decals.

Below is the second number 5 and my favorite cobra so far. It was originally built by Eric at Voss Performance. We completed the installation in 6 and a half hours, drove it into the trailer and off to Vegas for the SAAC bash. Next morning in Vegas and the Speedway, drove it out of the trailer, a few warm up laps around the parking area of the Speedway and straight onto the track and many other tracks after that. That's where it would play for about 3 years. I did also license it for the street. I drove it to Vegas from So Cal 3 times and to Monterey Nor Cal twice. Many other long trips were also enjoyed. It was a great car. It to got sold when another dealer just had to have it, even though I did not want to sell it. He still has it in Texas now. 

Below are pictures of My first GT40. I did over 10000 miles in this car. Second pictures is Deborah and my Mom, Marie.