Owner: Tad Tadevic
Occupation: Motion Picture Prod.  (r)
Location: Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 407
Odometer_Miles: 1,500
Year_Car_Built: 1998
Car_Receive_Date: August, 2009

Purch_From: Consignment Lot (used)
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruise Restoratn
Color: Black Diamond
Engine: 351 windsor style block
Cyl_Block: Windsor 351
Cyl_Heads: Edlebrock Performer RPM
Induction: Victor Jr. /Holley 780 DP
Transmission: Tremec 3550

Rear_End_Ratio: 3:73
Rims: Trigo Cobra II/F-7.5,R-9.5 x 15
Tires: BFG Radial T/A f-255,r-275 /60
Suspension: AVO Coil Over
Date_Submitted: 03/08/10
SPF_Owner_Since: August, 2009

I've always wanted a Cobra since I was a young man watching Carroll Shelby race at Riverside Raceway. Now, retired... I decided it was time. I saw my car on a consignment lot and checked it out. She had been sorely neglected, but had everything that I wanted. I had researched the many replicar manufacturers and knew she had to be an SP by comparison. The frame stamp was covered by the vin plate and the pink slip made no reference to the manufacturer. With help from Superformance here in California I was able to locate her SP identity. I went back many times and bickered over the price. They did not know that much about her or even what make she was, alone the engine and trans. Because it had the original 4 speed top loader ball on the shifter they assumed it was a 4 speed. When I took it for a drive, I found that the pattern for reverse was wrong. Yippy, at least it was a 5 speed. I knew the engine was a rebuilt Windsor with a dbl. pumper Holley, Edlebrock Jr.  intake and at the time was not sure what the heads were, but I knew they weren't stock. I knew I had a lot to work with. We came to an agreement and I drove her home for some dearly needed TLC. I described her as a once beautiful woman whose previous owner used her, then kicked her to the curb, leaving her there to rust and die. I came along, picked her up, and began to give here the care and attention she deserved. Now we are dancing together. It has been like an Easter egg hunt in finding what she was really made of. The previous owner had evidently lost all of the paper work including the engine build. In trying to find as much history on her as possible I dead ended at the House of Cobras that was no longer in business. Thanks to the wonderful SCOF members and the use of the SP MKIII manual my girl and I have become very intimate. I needed a  project in my retirement and she certainly fits the bill. Her chrome was pitted and rusted (windshield, light bezels, roll bars, etc.). Tons of elbow grease has brought back her style. The side pipes were also chrome and the collectors at the front of the pipes had been spray painted silver, I guess to hide the wonderful patina that lay beneath. Her aluminum (rims, etc.) were dull grey and pitted. Lots of Mothers and her shoes now shine. Piece by piece she is coming back to life. The leather seats were sadly neglected, but with lots of mink oil and black leather dye, you would never suspect it now. I have slowly but surely gone through the engine compartment and have discovered many things that needed replacement. Believe it or not, she came with Vintage Air. My goal is to restore her to the way she was at the time of her build. She is an early model #407 and I have found she is quite unique compared to so many of the later models I compare to when hanging with the other SP owners here in the Valley.  The SP Manual is right on. There is still a lot of restoration to be done and I take the suggestions from SCOF members, such as the rear upper shock mount upgrade, very seriously. I do not plan to race her, but want her safe enough for canyon carving. My biggest problem is keeping her up on jack stands for very long. I want to drive her. I'm addicted. This is how she looks now.