Owner: Jim Vance
Occupation: Engineering Manager
Location: Shanghai, China
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 273
Odometer_Miles: 9,578
Year_Car_Built: 1998
Car_Receive_Date: May 2002
Purch_From: Snakebite Perf (used)
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising
Color: Black & Silver
Engine_Builder: Ford SVO

Engine: 429/460 style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 460
HP_and_Torq: 535 hp / 560 ft-lb (est)
Cyl_Block: Iron
Cyl_Heads: Aluminum
Induction: 850 Holley
Compression_Ratio: 10:1
Top_Speed_Seen: 135 (Speedo)
Best_Drag_Time_MPH: 11.95 @ 119
Longest_Trip_Driven: 1,000 miles
Transmission: Tremec 5 speed
Rear_End_Ratio: Ford 3.73

Rims: 15 x 8 front, 15 x 10 rear
Tires: 235/50-15 front 295/50-15 rear
Suspension: QA-1
Sway_Bars: Olthoff
Date_Submitted: 11/11/09
SPF_Owner_Since: May 30, 2002
Other_Details: Polished quick jacks, aluminum halon fire extinguisher
Other_Mods: Polished stainless exhaust, polished overflow tank, ribbed Cobra valve covers

I fell in love with the Cobra when it first came out but only from a distance, reading about them made my heart race.  In 1967 while at college, my roommates and I were playing cards and there was suddenly a vibration and sound like we have never heard before.  We ran to the window to see what was causing it and this  thing  went by, clearly the source of the experience, and turned in to a sports car garage down the street.  We ran to see what could cause such an awesome sound and feel   a real, live 427 Cobra!  The and there I had to have one. Fast forward 35 years.  The living in Auburn, Indiana a few miles from Kruse Auction.  Lots of Cobra replica manufacturers and cars displaying their wares but it is clear to me after a little study that Superformance is the best of the bunch.  Took home every piece of literature and video Snakebite would give me   got so they recognized me at their display I was there so often.  Wanted a big block, blue with white stripes but the day I was selling a V-12 Jag they had a very slightly used black and silver model that was otherwise exactly what I wanted.  The Jag sold for an okay I price, I took the Cobra for a test spin in the parking lot (got it a little sidewise with wife in the car   oh oh), we dickered a little on price and I looked to the wife for her vote.  She started to say  you ve always wanted  and I had the checkbook out and check written and signed before she could finish the sentence. What can I say?  The car has exceeded my every expectation   faster, more comfortable, better handling, and MORE FUN than I dreamed.  And I would not trade the black & silver for anything else - looks cool and a little menacing and I have tried to keep the black and silver theme but allow chrome and polished stainless. The SCOF group has just been icing on the cake, and very good icing.  Great source of humor (sometimes pointed and wicked), friendship, technical and moral support (yes, I know moral support seems an odd concept with this group), and of course good drinking buddies.  The shared experience has added immeasurably to the memories of the car. Now on an extended job assignment in China so do not get to drive the car much or attend many events but I am a faithful reader of the emails and scan the pictures and stories avidly.  The Cobra is the only thing I still own in the US and I will try to schedule one of my home visits around one of the events so I can get a personal refill of the camaraderie.