Owner: Ken Johnson
Occupation: Auto body shop - Owner
Location: Erwinna, PA
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 2328
Odometer_Miles: 5,500
Year_Car_Built: 2005
Car_Receive_Date: April 29, 2006
Purch_From: Olthoff Racing (new)
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising

Color: Indigo Blue/Titanium
Engine_Builder: Feil Racing
Engine: 427 FE style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 427
HP_and_Torq: 524 (dyno)
Cyl_Block: Iron side oiler
Cyl_Heads: Dove Aluminum
Induction: 650 Holley HP/Edelbrock7105
Compression_Ratio: 10.5:1
Best_Fuel_Mileage: 15.0

Top_Speed_Seen: 127 (speedo)
Longest_Trip_Driven: 75 miles
Transmission: TKO 600  .83 OD
Rear_End_Ratio: 3.45:1
Rims: Halibrand style
Tires: GY 255/60/15  GY 275/60/15
Date_Submitted: 12/30/09
SPF_Owner_Since: April 29, 2006

On one of my cross country motorcycle trips from PA to the west coast to the September 2005 Reno Air Races, I stopped to visit with Dennis Olthoff near Charlotte, NC on the way back. I explained my dilemma to him and he said he could help me out. I found this almost NOS 427 FE side oiler twenty years earlier, had my race shop prepare, dyno and pickle it for me. It has been in my hangar ever since. I had no MKIII Cobra to install it in, so lucky me, here is Dennis so willing to help. I said I would return in the spring and pick one up. I don't think he believed me. In any case, come the following spring, I picked up 2328. I did my own installation. Dial indicated everything, drove it for a year or so with the original dual 600 Holleys, 7 or 8 MPG and many Carb. adjustments later, the flat spots were gone Bottom line, go with a the Edelbrock performer, Holley hp carb. and use your air/fuel ratio gauge and fine tune. The car ran even better right away. Smooth, no flat spots, except for above 6000rpm, power felt the same. Mileage is now 15 MPG, and that is on normal country roads. I think on an open highway it will show 18 or so. By the way, I bit my tongue hard and went with a 650 instead of a 750 or larger for all the normal reasons. I might mention I am part owner of Sky Manor Airport in Pittstown, NJ. Therefore, I get to "test" changes made on the runway anytime it becomes necessary. I have owned Ken's Auto Body, Frenchtown, NJ for the last 37 years. I am an ATP pilot and active flight instructor though I do not fly commercially nor instruct much at this point. Several years back I built an experimental airplane, A Glasair III,( 2 seat, 1700 lbs. 350 hp, 540 c.i. Lycoming, 285 mph ),  which has been across the US maybe 25 times or so. I took a month off once and flew it around the world as well.