Owner: Ryan Oakley
Occupation: Law Enforcement Detective
Location: Riverside Ca USA
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 2233
Odometer_Miles: 7,800
Year_Car_Built: 2005
Car_Receive_Date: October 2005
Purch_From: Hilbank (new)

Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising
Color: Black /Titanium
Engine_Builder: Roush
Engine: 351 windsor style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 402
HP_and_Torq: 515/545 (est)
Cyl_Block: Dart
Cyl_Heads: Roush
Induction: Edelbrock

Top_Speed_Seen: 148 mph (speedo)
Transmission: Tremec 600
Rear_End_Ratio: 3:46
Rims: 17" polished lip
Tires: Vredestein  315/35/17   275/45/17
Date_Submitted: 10/26/09
SPF_Owner_Since: October, 2005

I took my wife to Coronado Island, Ca for our anniversary.  I did not know (honestly) that this was the weekend of the vintage races on the Island.  We were at the Marriott Hotel.  As we left the Hotel for a walk on the beach I heard the unmistakable rumble of a Cobra.  I made my wife wait until the cars arrived.  I watched as Lance (I didn t know him as Lance then) drove up to the Hotel.  He was gracious and gave me a flyer or two on the car I thought I would never be able to own.  He was very nice and I made my wife wait for her romantic walk until Lance came out to drive the Cobra into the parking garage. A year or two later I was looking on the internet at a used SPF (basically dreaming, I thought).  My wife walked into the room and looked over my shoulder and said,  How much are those anyways?   At the time I was looking at a used car and it was 50k.  I told her 50K.  She said,  Why don t you just go and get one?    I literally grabbed the keys and we headed to Newport to look at Lance s  store.  I had no idea if they were open or not.  We drove all the way there and they were closed.  I called the number one the door.  Lance answered and explained to me that he was at a show at the Fontana Speedway.  Bummer!!! Lance went on to explain to me that his son Ashton was on his way back from the Speedway and should be at the shop soon.  He said Ashton could show me some cars. Ashton arrived soon and took me for the ride of my life in a consigned car.  He also took my oldest son. I was hooked and was at the shop the next weekend ordering my car.  Debra told me it may  be 8 months. Bummer!!  But she was able to switch my order with another customer who ordered the same car. He was not ready for his chassis yet. Well the year I ordered my car was the year that we ran out of names for all of the Hurricanes and they started over with Alpha, Beta etc.  I only mention this because the ship with my car had to divert and took an extra long time. Well it eventually arrived and was assembled by Custom Motors near Lance.  The day I came to pick up the car it was so exciting.  I got into the car and crank , crank, crank nothing.  The MSD module had failed and I would have to come back tomorrow (50 miles away). Next day there was a light mist but I didn't care.  We picked up the car and the rest is history!  We love our car, and the people we have met as a result of owning the car.