Owner: Ken Pettibone
Occupation: Ford MC Engineer (r)
Location: W. Bloomfield, MI, US
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 1396
Odometer_Miles: 6,600
Year_Car_Built: 2002
Car_Receive_Date: approx June 2002
Purch_From: Dynamic Motor Sports
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising

Color: Silver /Black
Engine_Builder: Ford Racing
Engine: 429/460 style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 521
HP_and_Torq: 600 (est)
Cyl_Block: cast iron 2 bolt
Cyl_Heads: Al Cobra Jet
Induction: Torquer II
Compression_Ratio: 9.8:1
Top_Speed_Seen: 130 mph (speedo)

Best_Drag_Time_MPH: 11.24@125mph
Longest_Trip_Driven: 100mi
Transmission: Tremec TKO
Rear_End_Ratio: 3.73:1
Rims: WAW 15"
Tires: MT10x26 (f) BFG 325/50-15 Drag
Suspension: SPF Bilsteins
Date_Submitted: 10/24/09
SPF_Owner_Since: June 2002

I've always wanted a Cobra since the 60's when I heard they were so fast that they were difficult to handle. I've seen different Cobras at car shows and drooled over them every time I saw them, but I couldn't afford one previously. Craig Aylsworth invited me and another guy from work over to see his newly finished BB SPF Mk III in his garage one day. It was a piece of art! Very very nice car. We talked for a while about them & Craig really did his homework in hooking up with Superformance as the best replica built. While we were having a few beers & pizza, Craig offered to install the engine & trans in a Cobra for me if I purchased one also. I got the fever and had to have one at that point. I was hooked. We went to the Autorama a month later at Cobo Hall in Detroit that year (2002) & I ordered one right there on the spot from Dynamic Motor Sports. I received it around mid-Summer and had it ready for the Woodward Cruise later that Summer. I've had it to the drag strip a number of times and have a ball racing old muscle cars and beating them. I love to take it out for a drive on a nice sunny day. There isn't another car out there that sounds and drives like a Cobra. SCOF is a BIG bonus to owning a Superformance Cobra also. I've met lots of friends and share jokes and tips to maintaining my Cobra on SCOF. Two thumbs up.