Owner: Brian Sundue
Occupation: Public servant
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 1336
Odometer_Miles: 13,900
Year_Car_Built: 2002
Car_Receive_Date: Jul 8, 2009
Purch_From: private seller (used)
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising

Color: Royal Blue / White
Engine_Builder: Ford Racing
Engine: 351 windsor style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 392
HP_and_Torq: 430 hp 450 lb-ft
Cyl_Block: cast iron
Cyl_Heads: aluminum GT-40 heads
Induction: 750-cfm Holley 4-bbl
Compression_Ratio: 9.7:1
Top_Speed_Seen: 120 (speedo)

Longest_Trip_Driven: 240 miles
Transmission: Tremec TKO/TR-3550
Rear_End_Ratio: Ford 8.8 IRS (3.73)
Rims: 15-inch Halibrands
Tires: Goodyear 255/60-15s + 275/60-15
Date_Submitted: 08/29/10
SPF_Owner_Since: July 2009
Other_Mods: Complete engine dress-up, upgrade rear suspension mounts

I have always been a car guy.  I like everything from classics to customs, sports cars to hot rods, muscle cars to modern metal.  But throughout my life, only one car has been at the top of my personal wish list: the awesome Shelby 427S/C Cobra! I've been completely snake bit since I first saw a big-block Cobra in the 1976 movie,  The Gumball Rally.   However, my dream of owning an original 427 semi-competition Cobra could never be realized as they are simply too rare (only 29 ever made) and too valuable for someone of modest means, like me, to afford.  So like many other people, I would have to find a replica if I was ever to enjoy the Cobra experience. In early 2001 Macro Autosports started selling the Superformance MkIII (and S1) in Canada. At the time I was aware of the Superformance brand and its reputation as one of the highest-quality Cobra replicas in the world, and its arrival in Canada filled a huge hole in the marketplace.  That summer I popped in to visit Len and Allan Skok, the father-son team who ran Superformance Canada (what great guys), and took one of their Cobras for a test drive. Man, what an experience!  This car was everything I ever dreamt of.  I wanted one  badly. Several years passed before I had gotten my financial situation to where I could get serious about adding a Cobra to my automotive stable. By then the Canadian government had forced Superformance Canada out of business, so I started looking for resale SPFs.  And as luck would have it, in the summer of 2009, I found the perfect car for me: a MkIII Sports model, painted Royal Blue with white Le Mans stripes, powered by a small-block stroker motor. So finally my lifelong dream of Cobra ownership has come true, and I love it!  I drive my car as often as I can, and have made several upgrades to bring it closer to my vision of what a Cobra should be. I ve met so many people who are also passionate about these cars, and enjoy spreading a little  Cobra fever  to anyone who cares to catch it.  Cobras are a very rare sight here in the nation s capital, so if ever you visit keep an eye out and you just may see me buzzing the Parliament Buildings, the Prime Minister s house or the Governor Generals residence.