Owner: Craig Aylsworth
Occupation: Ford MC Engine Designer(r)
Location: Canton, MI  USA
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 1265
Odometer_Miles: 30,000
Year_Car_Built: 2001
Car_Receive_Date: 1/15/2002
Purch_From: Dynamic Motorsport (new)
Car_Purpose: Cross Country Travel
Color: Royal Blue/White

Engine_Builder: Kinetic Racing / Self
Engine: 429/460 style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 598
HP_and_Torq: 650 (est)
Cyl_Block: 4 bolt Ford Racing
Cyl_Heads: Cobra Jet
Induction: Victor JR
Compression_Ratio: 9.8:1
Best_Fuel_Mileage: 15mpg
Top_Speed_Seen: 157 (speedo)
Best_Drag_Time_MPH: 11.42

Longest_Trip_Driven: 1,500 miles
Transmission: Tremed TKO .64OD
Rear_End_Ratio: 3.73:1
Rims: WAW 15"
Tires: Mickey Thompson 10x26 & 12x26
Suspension: SPF Bilsteins
Sway_Bars: GTP
Date_Submitted: 10/23/09 updated 1/11
SPF_Owner_Since: January 2002

Having a life long dream to own and drive a Cobra, I bought 1265 as a retirement present to myself in 2001.  I did my own install and enjoyed it so much I have done many more installs since. Between the Superformance Mark III's & the fantastic owners, it's a hobby that I just can't get enough of.