Owner: John Nomeyko
Occupation: Service Engineer (r)
Location: Stratford, CT USA
Model: Superformance Mk-III S/C
Car_Number: 1132
Odometer_Miles: 10,670
Year_Car_Built: 2002
Car_Receive_Date: July 19, 2009
Purch_From: William Rivera (used)
Car_Purpose: Weekend Cruising

Color: Black/silver
Engine_Builder: CHP
Engine: 351 windsor style block
Actual_Cubic_Inches: 427
HP_and_Torq: 500/500 (est)
Cyl_Block: 351 Windsor
Cyl_Heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Induction: 750 holley double pumper
Top_Speed_Seen: 90 (speedo)
Longest_Trip_Driven: 100 miles

Transmission: Tremec 3550
Rear_End_Ratio: 3.73
Rims: 15 inch WAW
Tires: 255/60-R15  295/50-R15 BFG
Date_Submitted: 01/01/10
SPF_Owner_Since: July 19, 2009
Other_Mods: Alarm, Lucas lights with modified park/signal, am/fm/cd player

My love affair with the Cobra started in 1965 at a car wash. I saw a 289 silver Cobra that I thought was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. As the years passed I had a few opportunities to buy an original Cobra, but being frugal, didn't want to take out a loan. So in 65 I bought a Mustang, cash of course, and in 79 I bought a 62 Corvette, again cash. I think of could've, would've, should've and kick myself in the butt. With the stock market bust the last few years I had some money not doing much. The Cobra started calling. I found the exact car I wanted in Georgia, but it sold over 4th of July weekend. Not to be sidetracked I kept looking and found SPF 1132 on the left coast and bought it, cash of course, and had it shipped to Connecticut. The first time I saw it coming out of the van I knew I had finally gotten my Cobra. The car was all and more than I expected. The only bummer is I spend winters in Florida and the car is in Connecticut. A Corvette and truck take up the garage space in Florida. I only got to take it out 3 times with the lousy weather we had this year in CT, but there is always next year.