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Superformance 427 Cobra Mk-III S/C (used)   #2117

Purchased in 2005, Black  body, sidepipes and rollbar. Powered by a custom-built Ford 4.6 Liter modular engine, with a VMP 2.3 TVS supercharger, running a mild 8 pounds of boost, dynoing 600+ hp
to the wheels, and 500+ ft lbs of torque over a 3000 rpm range.

This is a  65 Cobra Replica with a modern drivetrain.  Fuel injection, electronic engine management, T-56 transmission (6th gear seldom used).  A Superformance as delivered, is a wonderful car, but there are several beneficial mods developed and sold by Performance Unlimited and Cobra Valley that, in my opinion, significantly improve the Superformance, and all have been installed. There have been no  budgeted-limited design decisions made.
Thi car is equipped with a Pro 5.0 Shifter with a Jordan handle, Black leather steering wheel as well as the original Moto-lita Cobra wooden steering wheel, Red Line EFI engine management system, Exedy twin disc clutch, Fuelsafe cell and bladder, 2018 updated foam. R/T shocks and springs adjustable dampening suspension system, R/T Geometry correction high performance Ball joints, R/T front and rear adjustable swaybars, R/T rear upper shock mounts .

This car is currently stored at the Motorsports Park Hastings facility in Hastings, Nebraska. I have lived in Central Mexico since 2010 and it was too difficult to register and bring this car into Mexico, so it  has been stored/maintained inside at Hastings, Nebraska (for easy proximity to the track and travel). At age 76, after a serious stroke, I have some physical issues that make driving a car at speed not fun for me. This car be seen and inspected at MPH Raceway in Hastings, Nebraska, if scheduled in advance with George Anderson.

In its current configuration the car was driven on a 3,000 mile Colorado to Wisconsin (by way of North Dakota) round trip, with zero issues in 2015 (the year before I experienced the stroke).  The car has been driven, briefly and gently, on the Hastings MPH track in 2016 and 2019. It runs very well and handles well. 

TITLED AS: California SB100 Automobile SPCNS

SELL FOR:  $55,000.00  (Buyer picks up in Hastings, Nebraska)            ---PRICE REDUCED FROM $65,000.00 ---
INQUIRE HERE  SV112219JW   Central Nebraska   ...or call (818) 590-2372  Anytime (James Walker)