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SHOCKS & SPRINGS - (Cobra - used)

Set of 4 Front and Rear QA-1 adjustable Pro-Shocks with 300 lb/per inch springs. Fully adjustable suspension ride height and dampening controls which can set the ride quality from highway smooth to performance firm to track day stiff with just a turn of the knob by simply reaching around the tire within seconds. These shocks can drop your standard Superformance Mk-III's ride height up to 1 to 1.5" lower, and can fit other cars as well. Fronts have an 11" mid stroke ride height, and the Rears have a 12" mid stroke ride height (top to bottom bolt centers) when measured while the car is sitting on the ground. (W
hen fully extended, the fronts are 12.75" and rears are 13.75"). Includes 1/2" poly bushings. Good condition with only 5,5000 miles on them. Upon request for an additional cost, can add different weight springs and/or add spherical bearings to replace the poly bushings for either 1/2" or 12mm bolts.

SELL FOR:  $625.00  /front & rear set  (buyer pays for shipping ~ Postal Money Order accepted only)
INQUIRE HERE  SC101420X   SE-Wisconsin   (Consignment)