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This soft flexible shield wraps around the side pipe while you are driving the car, either permanently or temporarily while an elderly person is on board, to protect little kids at car shows or on the street, or for passengers of all kinds. The extremely thick material really reduces heat and the super shiny surface looks good. Industrial grade velcro easily and quickly attaches in seconds. This left (driver) side version is meant to fit around the side pipe to body bracket thereby positioning the seam down and inwards out of site for the best appearance
but will also work on the right (passenger) side. Heavy at nearly 3 pounds of material! Fits 4" to 4-1/2" OD side pipes.

SELL FOR:  $275.00  (plus shipping cost ~ Postal Money Order accepted only)            ---PRICE REDUCED FROM $375.00 ---
INQUIRE HERE  EP110915RT   SE-Wisconsin