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ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEADS - Small Block Ford: (new) 

BRAND NEW Edelbrock 77179 Aluminum Cylinder heads -
Victor Jr. for Small Block Ford 289-302-351w
1 Pair with 16 - S.S. Intake and exhaust valves

Offers high horsepower potential on competition level engines and are compatible with OE valve train and pistons for bolt-on convenience.

20° heads  /  60cc combustion chambers.
210cc intake ports and raised .130"  /  75cc exhaust ports
2.050" Stainless Steel intake valves  /  1.600" Stainless Steel exhaust valves

FEATURES: 500+ horsepower potential out-of-the-box using stock valve train geometry High-flowing raised intake ports and exhaust ports. CNC gasket-matched port entries/exits with blended valve bowls Spark plug holes and valves are in the stock location Valve cover rail raised .150" A relief in the head allows most roller lifters to be changed without removing heads.

$1425.00 Normal resale price)

SELL FOR:  $1295.00  (plus shipping cost)
INQUIRE HERE  EP042419X   SE-Wisconsin