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CAR COVER: Coverking Stormproof Grey Class 2 with duffle. Never used. Drivers roll bar relief without brace extension f/cobra.  $285.

(1)      CAR COVER: Coverking Silverguard Plus Class 2. Used one weekend. Drivers roll bar relief without brace extension f/cobra.  $150.

(1pr)   R/T Rear suspension mounts: 10mm new style after car 2975 from Cobra Valley. New in unopened box.  $250

(1set)  Crane Hi-6 Ignition with hot swap plugs: and Crane NASCAR Coil from Cobra Valley. Both new in box.  $325

(1)      Steering Wheel Center Cap: Billet OEM  f/cobra. New.  $50

           SOLD!!! (1)      Steering Wheel Center Cap: Plastic f/cobra. New.  $15

(1)      SIDE MIRROR: Stainless Replacement Torpedo Mirror f/cobra. New in Box.  $40

           SOLD!!! (1pr)   WIPER BLADES: Stainless Replacements f/cobra. New in package.  $35

           SOLD!!! (1pr)   SUN VISORS: Tinted with COBRA lettering f/cobra. New.  $20

(1)      PolyGlass Windshield: From Cobra Valley f/Late Superformance Style. New in box. Not Pictured  $450

All of the above items total $1,550.00 individually. I would SELL IT ALL for the price below.

OR SELL ALL FOR:  $1,280.00    ~Buyer pays for shipping
INQUIRE HERE  BI082917MG   C-Indiana      ...or call (317) 750-9983 Anytime  (Mike Gibbs)